Online Provider Portal Registration

MVP Health Care's secure provider Web portal provides online access to member eligibility, benefits, claims, check authorizations, access policy information and more.

  • To receive access to our portal, your practice and/or site must:
    • Be credentialed with MVP or Hudson Health Plan (participating providers)
    • Have a paid claim with MVP (non-participating providers)
    • Designate a site administrator to manage / authorize user access to the provider portal.

Note: To view information for CIGNA patients, please go to


Step 1: Verify / Designate a Site Administrator

  • Provider practices and/or sites must designate a site administrator.
  • That administrator will be authorized to request access on behalf of your practice and/or site.
  • Please contact eSupport if you are unsure whether your practice and/or site has already designated an administrator.


Need to designate a Site Administrator?

Have a manager or supervisor click here and submit a Provider Site Administrator form.

  • Form Tips:
    • Per MVP policy, a person CANNOT designate themselves as a site administrator.
    • Section 1:
      • Must identify the manager / supervisor designating the site administrator.
      • The person in Section 1 cannot be listed in Section 2.
    • Section 2:
      • MUST list the person designated as the site administrator.
      • The person in Section 1 must be listed as the person authorizing access at the bottom.

Step 2: Request Access

  • Authorized site administrators can add / update / change / remove access for practice and/or site users at any time by clicking here to utilize the Provider website Access Request form. Please note that only site administrators can request these changes.
  • Form Tips:
    • Complete all of Section 1. Access is set up based on Provider Tax ID.
    • Identify the staff to add / delete / update in Section 2.
    • Site administrators can list themselves as a user requiring access.
    • Person authorizing access in the YOUR NAME field and must match the person listed in Section 1.

Please contact eSupport at any time if you have questions about the site access request process.