Preventive Health Care and Your Doctor

To take the best care of yourself, youll need to work with your doctor. Your doctor understands your medical history and what is normal for you. Talk with your doctor about your health goals. Your doctor should keep track of your progress in your medical records and should also work with you to meet the annual preventive care guidelines for adults in your age range.

Make sure your doctor is someone with whom you have confidence and can talk to easily. The health care professionals in our network have agreed to provide your care and follow specific quality-of-care practices. With many MVP Medicare Advantage plans, much of your preventive health care is covered in full.

Getting an annual physical exam helps you and your doctor develop and monitor a personalized plan to prevent disease, improve your health and help you live well.

Make the most of your doctor visit:

  • Keep a list of any health problems you are having and want to discuss
  • Include what the main symptoms are, when they started and what you have done to treat them
  • Decide what is most important to discuss with your doctor so you bring it up first
  • Bring a list of your medications, including vitamin and mineral supplements and over-the-counter drugs
  • Bring any results of tests done by other health care professionals you may have seen
  • Be ready to discuss the Preventive Care Guidelines that pertain to you
    Preventive care guidelines for men
    Preventive care guidelines for women
  • Ask questions if you dont understand something. Remember to write down the diagnosis, treatment plan and follow-up actions
  • Remember to write down the diagnosis, treatment plan and follow-up actions.


Last updated: October 2017


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