Guide to Preventive Health Care

MVP Health Care believes its worth taking time to maintain your personal health now and prevent future health problems later. We offer ways to help you make preventive health care part of your daily life. As you choose a healthy lifestyle and work with your doctor to develop a plan, MVP supports you every step of the way.

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  • What is Preventive Health Care?

    Think of preventive health care like an umbrella. As an umbrella helps to protect you from the rain, preventive health care helps to protect you from health problems you can choose to avoid.

    Preventive health care focuses on avoiding disease and maintaining your health. It includes early detection of disease, help for people at risk of developing specific health problems and other necessary interventions to avoid potential health risks. Screening tests, health education and immunization programs are common examples of preventive health care.

  • Preventive Health Care and Your Doctor

    To take the best care of yourself, youll need to work with your doctor. Your doctor understands your medical history and what is normal for you. Talk with your doctor about your health goals. Your doctor should keep track of your progress in your medical records and should also work with you to meet the annual preventive care guidelines for adults in your age range.

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  • Health and Care Management Programs

    Living well sometimes takes an extra helping hand. Thats why MVP has a team of nurses, respiratory therapists, social workers and other health care professionals to help you.

    If you are living with a physical or mental concern, we can match you with one of our health management programs or connect you with other wellness resources that can help at no cost to you.

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    Last updated: October 2017


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